Medical & Healthcare Services

Fidelity Decypher Services focuses on helping companies, hospitals and government agencies improve the effectiveness of their healthcare operations while providing quality patient focused services, advancing technologies and medical practices. FDS uses proven management and quality systems for delivery of high quality products and services resulting in high customer satisfaction.


A key element of effective healthcare operations in today’s society is personnel with clinical experience and business acumen. Decypher personnel serve throughout the healthcare enterprise from clinical managers, functional experts and administrative staff to senior level management consultants. We are focused on developing solutions to our customer’s issues, providing more efficient operations and increasing the quality of patient care.


FDS provides a wide range of healthcare services and ancillary support services. Our staff includes physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners; behavioral health providers; nurses, and dieticians who are fully credentialed, certified and licensed. We also provide professionals and technicians supporting emergency medicine, clinical reference laboratories, nuclear medicine, respiratory therapy, exercise physiology, audiology, hyperbaric services, social services, blood bank donor operations, and case management.


FDS helps healthcare organizations overcome the challenges associated with the morass of clinical, financial and operational data generated each day. We work with our customers to prioritize and understand their objectives and then develop tools to help executives, managers, clinicians and analysts answer the critical questions that will lead to improved clinical care, operational efficiencies and reduced costs.

We offer a wide range of medical related solutions.

Fidelity Decypher Services focuses on helping companies, hospitals and government agencies improve the effectiveness of their healthcare operations. FDS is high experienced at recruiting, staffing and retaining hard to fill medical positions, including:

Behavioral Health Assessments
FDS provides professional support for behavioral health assessments, screening and therapeutic services. We collaborate with our clients to develop, implement and support individualized treatment plans and referrals. Fidelity holds paramount the standards of professionalism, ethics, values and the critical need for confidentiality and ethical response in all interactions.

Clinical Research Support Services
FDS conducts research studies in accordance with approved protocols and applicable local, state and federal regulations and support protocols as required by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and Principal investigator.

FDS’s Dentists perform General Dentistry in the following dental disciplines: operative, prosthetics, periodontics, endodontics, radiology, and oral surgery.

Dental Hygienist
FDS’s Dental Hygienists are skilled in the following dental disciplines: hygiene and periodontics, dental disease prevention, education, urgent dental care, radiology, and chair side assistance. In addition, our dental hygienists perform sterilization and disinfection techniques, and administrative functions (including, but not limited to, filing, scheduling appointments, purchase and inventory of supplies.)

Lactation Support Services
FDS provides comprehensive lactation assessment, effective care and education to patients within the Birthing Center and Pediatric Clinic in accordance with the policy and guideline of postpartum and newborn nursery care.

Medical Assistants
FDS provides nursing care that includes taking and recording patient history, vital signs, making appointments, assisting PA’s and physicians in clinical activities. Fidelity medical assistants are also skilled in assisting medical providers and visiting clinical specialty consultants in the management and coordination of patient flow through the chronic care clinic, optometry and general clinics.

Medical Laboratory Technicians
FDS performs precise and accurate laboratory testing according to established local laboratory operating instructions. Our MLT’s are skilled in performing routine and highly complex procedures in the microbiology, serology, chemistry, blood bank, urinalysis, blood bank, phlebotomy and shipping departments.

MRI Technician Services
FDS provides a full range of MRI services to include: examinations, explain procedures, retrieve lab results, and assist radiologist or physician in reading or evaluating results.

Patient Administration Support Services
FDS’s experience includes training and guidance for the USAF SG’s office, AFMSA and Medical Support Division’s Patient Administration office. Our patient administration support services include providing patient administration program management, consultant and analysis services and assisting the government with policy development and implementation.

Our physicians work with the primary healthcare teams to provide patients with primary medical care and specialty services.

Physicians Assistants, Registered Nurse
FDS’s Physicians Assistants and Registered Nurses evaluate and treat patients during routine chronic care clinics, A&O examinations, physicals and sick call encounters. With a high level of competence, Fidelity is ready to assist during medical emergencies.

Prosthetic and Physical Therapy Services
FDS provides prosthetic and physical therapy services to the Center for the Intrepid. The threefold mission of the CFI is to provide rehabilitation for OIF/OEF casualties who have sustained amputation, burns, or functional limb loss, to provide education to DoD and Department of Veteran’s Affairs professionals on cutting edge rehabilitation modalities, and to promote research in the fields of Orthopedics, prosthetics and physical/occupational rehabilitation.

Quadriplegic Care
FDS performs a variety of nursing care activities and responsibilities in the care and treatment of handicapped (quadriplegic) individuals. Our focus is providing compassionate, high quality care in critically complex health care maintenance.

Radiology Technician
FDS is capable of performing any and all radiology procedures needed without any technical support. Our radiology techs specialize in various radiological equipment such as: GE machine.

Strategic Medical Support Services
FDS provides medical support services such as manpower analysis, financial analysis, executive support, technical reports, database maintenance and training using Medical Planning & Programming Tool, Impact Application Tool, and Critical Operational Readiness Requirement to assist with the Defense Health Program Operations and Management.