Commercial Technology

Drive productivity and beat your competition with digital transformation services from Fidelity Decypher Services. Jumpstart initiatives or build upon your existing programs with our highly experienced team of digital experts. At FDS, we help you prioritize and align your digital strategies, and build killer, useful applications that drive business value.

Leading brands across the World work with FDS, because we’re the best at what we do! Don’t settle for anything but the best!

Build sustainable Digital Roadmaps and secure Digital Foundations

FDS develops, delivers and supports specialized technology solutions for Fortune 1000 companies and any category disruptor brands. FDS plans and designs computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and communication technologies. Our technology services include but are not limited to:

Application / Software Development
FDS designs and develops software applications, such as utility programs and general application software. Our capabilities include modify existing software to fix problems, optimizing functionality and enabling its use on new hardware platforms. We are skilled in overseeing installation of software systems as well as monitoring equipment, performing test and validation of software systems to ensure the applications work properly.

Cloud Transformation
FDS provides end-to-end enterprise cloud migration services for any need. Our aid will cause you to make the right decisions when prepping for and making your application ready for cloud or hybrid cloud models with migrating infrastructure, data, and applications. After each transformation, FDS aids with offering means to keep it optimized in both costs and performance.

Cyber Engineering & Security Services
FDS has security at the core of its processes and remains a constant priority. Upon combining cyber security and information security technologies, our engagement will aid in any existing security risks and apply strategies to fix and maintain data and applications from future attacks. Contact our Incident Response consultants at the first sign of a breach.

Database Administration
FDS designs, develops, implements and maintains data solutions to include architectural design, prototyping of concepts to proof of concept, development standards, code and module designs, debugging and updating that follow efficient design techniques and development that meets the intent of the design and data solution.

DevOps Consulting
FDS understands that software represents the critical focal point between a company and its customers. With over 15 years of experience, our consulting team will aid in building a scalable, secure, and sustainable workflow based on one’s needs.

Graphic Design Services
FDS’s technology team create visual concepts, by hand or through computer software, to communicate ideas that will inspire and inform, including logo, web, print, brochure design and more.

Military Modernization Support Services
FDS provides skilled consultants and analysts to augment a responsive support infrastructure for highly distributed AFMS research, development, acquisition, and technology transfer activities.

MRI Technician Services
FDS provides a full range of MRI services to include: examinations, explain procedures, retrieve lab results, and assist radiologist or physician in reading or evaluating results.

Quality Assurance
FDS’s competencies include performing tests on computer applications to isolate and solve issues, initiate tests, analyze results, and find solutions to technical problems.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
FDS’s technology team, reviews and implements changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines. This means maximizing the traffic to a site by improving page rank within search engines.

Strategic Medical Support Services
FDS provides medical support services such as manpower analysis, financial analysis, executive support, technical reports, database maintenance and training using Medical Planning & Programming Tool, Impact Application Tool, and Critical Operational Readiness Requirement to assist with the Defense Health Program Operations and Management.

Technical Writing
FDS creates technical documents and manuals in a strategic and creative way to explain complex information in a clear and concise manner. We work with staff to ensure accuracy of product descriptions and utilize business specifications and technical data to write successful user documentation.

Web and Mobile Application Program Management
FDS oversees the design, development and successful implementation schedule and logistics of websites/mobile apps, and web-based applications.